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I am the artist and owner of Juleez.  Thanks for visiting my website and being curious about my artwork.  

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Hand Painted Musical Instruments, Fine Art, Jazzy Decor & More

Juleez Hand Painted Violins and Violas

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Colorful Painted Saxophones by Juleez
Colorful Painted Trumpets by Juleez

Shop the Gallery of Hand Painted Violins for sale.  Available with violin and display stand or send in your violin to be hand painted.  All brands are available. Choose a design or request a custom design by Juleez.

Colorful  Saxophones

Looking for a showstopper?!  What a piece to play in front of an audience, your music video or band. Check out the Collection of Hand Painted Saxophones. 

Order a new saxophone with any make, model or brand created just for you or send in your own to be painted.​

Shop The Gallery of Hand Painted Trumpets Cornets, Trombones and French Horns by Juleez.  Order a hand painted horn by Juleez or send in yours to be painted.

Hand Painted Colorful Saxophone by Juleez
custom guitar, Electric guitar Custom by Juleez
custom guitar, Electric guitar Custom by Juleez


Cello & Upright String Bass​

Purchase A Guitar or Strat Body

Painted Guitar Order OR Send Your Own Stratocaster, Telecaster or Acoustic Guitar To Be Custom Painted

Contact  Juleez

Juleez Painted Fender Strat Guitar
Painted Fender Guitar Strat Body Pickguard
Fender Strat Body with Painted Pickguard
Colorful Hand Painted Cello By Juleez
The Piano guys Cello by Juleez
Colorful Jazz Cello for sale Juleez Musical Instruments

Visit the Cello Gallery and Watch The Piano Guys Music Video featuring Juleez Hand Painted Cello created just for the video.  Juleez offers several designs on cellos for sale or request a custom design to be created just for you.  Have your own cello?  Send it to Juleez for Custom Painting

and have your one of a kind musical work of art created.

Colorful Handpainted Trumpet by Juleez
Hand Painted Trombones By Juleez
TPG Colorful painted Avatar cello by Juleez for The Piano Guys

Check out The Piano Guys New "AVATAR" Music Video! 

Featuring my newest Cello, created exclusively for TPG and Steven Sharp Nelson for their phenomenal new music video! 

Filmed on location in Pandora at Walt Disney World! I had the honor to work on set with the entire TPG Family and it was the MOST AMAZING experience! Click on the Pandora Circle for more pics, videos and stories!

Hand Painted Colorful Trombones

Hand Painted Trombones By Juleez
Colorful Trombones By Juleez
Custom Painted Trombones By Juleez
Hand Painted Clarinet by Juleez
Colorful Clarinet Musical Instrument Juleez
Hand Painted Flute  By Juleez Colorful Flute

Hand Painted Colorful Clarinets & Flutes

The Piano Guys Avatar Disney Juleez Cello
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The Piano Guys Avatar Video Pandora Disney World
Colorful Alto Saxophone By Juleez
Juleez on Patreon Club Membership



Long ago, arts patronage, the financial sponsorship of artists by individuals or businesses, paved the way for some of history’s most enduring works of art.

Back then, a patron would employ a

gifted artist, sometimes for years,

providing them with funds to cover supplies, expenses, and a stipend.

In return, the artist would complete works of art commissioned by his/her patron.

Juleez on Patreon Club Membership
Juleez on Patreon Club Membership
juleez art musical artist painted musical instruments


• Custom Hand Painted Musical Instruments & Fine Art Paintings

• Custom Art Clothing, Gifts and Home Decor

• Art Licensing & Product Development

• Graphic, Web and Marketing Design 

• Corporate & Public Artworks

• Small Business Consulting, Branding, Visualization and Content Creation

•Artist Business Coaching & Consulting

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